Chocolate Coffees: Make Your Coffee Sweet

Chocolate Coffees: Make Your Coffee Sweet

Coffee + chocolate is a delectable combination, so coffee with chocolate notes is truly the crème de la crème. We’ve perused our varieties of roasters for our favorite coffees with chocolate notes – take a look and enjoy!


Philly Fair Trade : Mexico (Chiapas)


Grapefruit + Chocolate (Medium-Dark Roast)

Simple coffee featuring 2-notes : orange and chocolate. If you’re looking for something dark and toasty, this is the pick.


Square One Coffee : Sasquatch Blend

Square1 Sasquatch blend

Cocoa + Caramel + Molasses (Medium-Dark Roast)

Tickle your sweet tooth with this full-bodied, caramel and dark chocolate coffee blend. The Sasquatch Blend is flavorful enough that you can taste the notes even after adding sugar or cream, if that’s how you take yours. Additionally, this coffee’s low acidity keeps it pleasant for sipping as it cools.


Portola Coffee Lab : Alchemistic Blend 


Baker’s Chocolate + Dried Red Fruit + Toasted Almonds (Medium Roast)

Chocolate keeps this blend sweet and balanced from the first sip to the last. The Alchemistic Blend is incredibly nuanced and will please everyone from the dark roast connoisseur to the instant-coffee consumer.


Voyage Coffee Roasters : Indonesia Sumatra 


Mocha + Vanilla + Dark Chocolate (Medium Roast)

Voyage’s sumatra coffee will have the funk that you expect from the region, while also carrying some pleasing lower acid berry notes. This is an extremely forgiving coffee when brewed in large batches. With more power and less nuance, this coffee is targeted toward those who enjoy a darker style of roasting.


Peaks Coffee Co : Colombia Sugarcane Decaf 

Peaks Coffee Co decaf

Dark Chocolate + Elderberry + Maple Syrup (Medium-Dark Roast)

It may be decaf, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t strong. Peaks’ Colombia Sugarcane is a great way to still enjoy a pungent maple syrup and dark chocolate cup of joe, while avoiding caffeine, which is known to increase anxiety.




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