Artist Vanessa Ramirez BeanGenius Interview

Vanessa Ramirez Interview

Long-time BeanGenius subscriber, Vanessa Ramirez, is an artist, sculptor, and the self-proclaimed, “Coffee Assassin.” She is as creative as she is caffeinated; her figures and sketches feature furry and non-furry creatures, alike. We had the pleasure of chatting with Ramirez about her coffee assassin-ating and more.

Coffee sister love

Favorite way to brew your coffee?

Pour over. Hands down.

How did you get into coffee?

My parents drank coffee all the time and as a kid and I always loved how it smelled. I could not wait to drink it and they were only able to hold me off until about 13-14. Fast forward to about 5-6 years ago, I decided to cut out all creamers and sugar and started drinking black coffee so I then became obsessed with finding coffee that tasted great.

How does coffee fuel your art?

It keeps me alive. Kidding aside, it’s part of my routine and creative process. And the coffee love bleeds into my work for sure. I often draw monsters drinking coffee.

Why do you use BeanGenius for your coffee needs?

I wanted to try different coffees outside of the ones I know. I like the possibility of discovering a coffee you may never have tried otherwise. And it’s tailored to my flavor profile, so that’s cool.

Ice cream

If you could choose one superpower to have what would it be and why?

Telekinesis. So I can use my powers to make coffee without having to get up and make it myself. Also would be handy when the remote is out of reach.

Favorite coffee to drink?

I occasionally will drink cold brew but I love hot brewed coffee. If I am going somewhere i am not familiar with an Americano is my go to.

Roaster you typically buy coffee from?

My staples are Intelligentsia and Stumptown.

What is the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had?

A friend gave me a bag of Black Ring Coffee, and so far that has been my favorite.


What is your daily coffee routine?

I don’t drink coffee until I get to work, because I like to enjoy my first cup. I grind my beans and do the pour over thing (I have my kettle and hand grinder in my office). The second cup comes around 11am also pour over. When I get home it’s art time so I will either do pour over or french press if I have a lot of work.

Favorite coffee shop and drink to have when you are there?

Right now. Copa Vida in Pasadena. I usually go for an Americano.

What do you drink outside of coffee?

I drink carbonated water, regular water, Kombucha, cold pressed juice, tea, and, on occasion, Ginger Ale.


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