What is French Roast Coffee?

What is French Roast Coffee?

Dark coffee is the vice of the gourmet coffee drinking world, but what would happen if we roasted one step further? Well, that there is french roast. French Roast Coffee is not coffee grown in France, but rather a flavor profile associated with roasting coffee past the flavor development stages. Basically, it’s coffee that is right on the edge of being incinerated, therefore eliminating flavor nuances of any kind.


Why is French Roast Coffee So Popular?

It’s human nature to like being able to know what to expect. Most fresh and organic crops vary by season and locale. French roast coffee is so lacking in flavor from being over-roasted, that consistency can be achieved with a variety of beans. It’s also economic to produce because cheap beans can fulfill the identifiable french roast flavor expectation and it has a much longer shelf-life. While some roasters aren’t proud to carry a french roast, it is often a company’s top-seller.


But…I Love French Roast

That is quite all right! No need to be ashamed, we’ve all been there.

The pattern of expectation from french roast can be comforting as a consumer; additionally, the taste of more refined coffees can seem faint compared to the strength of bold smoked french roast. We ask you to give well-roasted and flavorful coffees a chance!

Loads of coffees boast the familiar darkness and boldness of french roast, but they can be rich and smooth, too! It will take some exploring, but your well-roasted coffee is out there! Not sure where to start? BeanGenius subscription service is like Pandora for coffee. Their algorithm learns your taste preferences and sends you coffees uniquely chosen to please your palate. Highly recommended.




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