How it Works

High Quality

Coffees that go into each BeanGenius box are selected
from the best roasters across
the country who care about coffee as
much as you do.

Discover New

Every BeanGenius box is one
of a kind. It is carefully
crafted and curated
just for you.

Always Fresh

Our coffees are shipped out
within days of roasting
to ensure peak freshness.

The taste engine
The Taste Engine is a quick 5 question survey that allows BeanGenius to gauge your taste preferences.
A plan
Every month you receive three 4 oz. bags of personalized, high quality, fresh roasted coffees from multiple roasters.
your feedback
Tell us how you liked your coffees. BeanGenius analyzes your feedback making better recommendations month after month.
Tell us
What you Like
Complete a 5-minute questionnaire.
your shipement
Rate the coffees you recive to get better matches next month.
new coffee
Each month you ll get 3 new b lends that arehand-picked for your plate

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