About Us

For us, coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up. It's a ritual; the colors, aromas, flavors and procedures make every cup special. We had a problem though; with over 3,000 specialty coffee roasters in the U.S. alone, how do you discover that perfect coffee? This was the idea behind BeanGenius!

The Beans

Each month, BeanGenius delivers high quality, freshly roasted specialty coffee from our ever expanding network of amazing roasters. When you first sign up, you take a quick online taste test which gives us an idea of your taste palate. We believe that you are the ultimate tastemaker; so why let some 'expert' decide which coffees you should be drinking, or what's 'good'. BeanGenius uses YOUR taste preferences to bring you the coffees you want.

Then the coffee adventure begins.

The first delivery arrives with a specifically chosen coffee to match your palate. After you enjoy your coffee, login to your account online and tell BeanGenius how you liked them. BeanGenius will analyze your choices and make even smarter choices for the next delivery.

The Genius

BeanGenius' team includes experienced roasters and industry veterans with decades of experience behind them. They meticulously analyze each and every coffee to make detailed notes. Our Taste Engine captures their wisdom and knowledge to brew some coffee magic for you. The Taste Engine evaluates your taste profile, makes recommendations, takes feedback, and then delivers coffees that are right just for you.

The Team

The idea for BeanGenius was born in the winter of 2012, at a StartUp Weekend event in Los Angeles where the team won 2nd place. Co-founders Krishna and Ranga continued on to bring BeanGenius to reality.

BeanGenius would not be here if not for the support of our master roasters and awesome developers.

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