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Finca Chichen Guatemala

Milk Chocolate, Lavender, Red Currant Light - Medium Roast $16.00/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Guatemala

Region - Cobán

Farm - Finca Chichen

Elevation - 1300-1700

Process - Washed

About Bidaar Roasting Finca Chichen Guatemala

It's back and even better than before - a beauty from our friends at Su Beneficio! We were lucky enough to offer this awesome coffee from our friends last year. Sammy's father, who manages the Su Beneficio projects at Finca Chichen, has done an incredible amount of work experimenting and making sure that the farm produces some of our favorite coffee from Guatemala, which is why we're excited to bring this to you once again! In the highlands of Cobán lies a beautiful cloud forest, and at the middle of it lies Finca Chichen. In a partnership with our wonderful friends Sammy and Angela at Su Beneficio, Chichen works to not only grow some of the most amazing coffee that we've ever tasted, but also provide effort to the cloud forest conservation efforts that allows them to provide free and open access to clean water for 32 rural villages. Their efforts go a long way to maintaining the quality of life for people in the area, and their attention to detail in this coffee is absolutely unreal.

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Irvine, CA

At Bidaar, we think that, as important as it is to find and roast great coffee, it's just as important to know the stories they tell. Because good coffees are as diverse as the people who drink them!

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