Kapi Coffee

Honduras Marcala

Honey, Sugar Cane, Green Apple Medium Roast $15.95/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Honduras

Region - Marcala

Farm - 18 Rabbit Farms

Elevation - 1400m

Process - Honey

About Kapi Coffee Honduras Marcala

Excellent for French press or for pour overs. The sweet honey end notes make for a very pleasurable cup of coffee and makes you reach for more.

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Coppell, TX

After a long time in the technology world dealing with smart machines I wanted to focus on doing something that would more relate to people. Some time back I started getting coffee beans from all over the country, mostly from micro roasters. It was almost shocking how good an espresso shot I could get compared to supermarket brands. That put me on the quest to produce some great roasted coffee.

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