US Aeropress Champion Recipe

US Aeropress Champion Recipe

Crafting the US Aeropress champion recipe is no easy task. The compact design and simplicity of the device contributes to its practicality and accessibility. Aeropress devices are minimal, leaving the quality of the output to the brewer. As for the Aeropress Championship, only one brewer with one recipe can win. For 2016, Ben Jones is that champion. Curious about the US Aeropress Champion recipe? We got the inside scoop, and we want to share it with you.

Ben Jones Aeropress

The Recipe:

Coffee: 26g
Water: 175ml “hot as you can get it” / 75ml bypass
Grind: “Drippish” (8 on the EK-43)
Filter: x3 – Paper, Able Metal, Paper sandwich
Method: Inverted

Wrap AeroPress in an Old German beer cozy.

Add 175ml of water
Good agitation
Add plunger and pull back a little for some nice back pressure
1:15 – slow press 30 seconds, stop before the hiss & bubble

Add 75ml of water and stir.



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