Best Coffee in Philadelphia – Our 7 Favorite Spots

Best Coffee in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s coffee space is often overlooked next to giants like New York, San Francisco, and Portland. However, the innovation and pure coffee talent is on par with such big players. We’ve curated a list of the coffee in Philadelphia that most impress us.


Square One*

Square One Coffee

This family-owned coffee roaster has brought top-shelf coffee to both Philadelphia and Lancaster, CA. With both a Q-Grader and a Barista Guild superstar on staff, Square One guarantees coffee curated with precision and keen awareness of the latest trends and goings-on in the larger coffee scene.


ReAnimator Coffee*

ReAnimator Coffee

ReAnimator continues to venture into various neighborhoods where they establish cozy shops, many of which feature roasting facilities and training centers. If you’re looking for a place to work, their cafes are known to strike a balance of well-populated, while usually still having open seating. ReAnimator also welcomes wholesale partnerships, which feature green coffee sourcing, roasting, quality control, on-site + in-house training, and consulting. We recommend you take a trip to one of their locations if you’re looking for the best coffee in Philadelphia!


One Village Coffee

One Village Coffee

Touting a new beautifully-designed compostable coffee bag, One Village Coffee’s mission is to bring the story of the farmer to the consumer. This Certified B Corp roaster focuses on direct-trade and interacting with the community through a variety of ways, from wholesale accounts to retail interactions. Not only has One Village definitely contributed to the presence of the specialty coffee community in Philadelphia, but they have community projects in their coffee’s origin countries including Nigeria and Honduras. If you’re looking for incredible coffee rooted in beautiful spirit, One Village Coffee should be your next adventure.


La Colombe

La Colombe Coffee

La Colombe is an anchor in the Philadelphia coffee scene; they continue to roast incredible coffee as they spread their retail presences through the east coast and out the the west. In addition to roasting and café retail, La Colombe engages in wholesale partnerships and also has quite the development in the bottled beverage industry with draft lattes and bottled cold brew. Their shops don’t offer wifi; this and their largely-communal seating promotes customer interaction. Take a jaunt and let us know what you think!


Elixr Coffee Roasters

Elixr Coffee

Downtown’s Elixr is easy to pass without notice, but it’d be sorely disappointing to miss this spot. Established in 2010, this is the best non-kept secret in Philadelphia coffee; local art adorns the walls and intriguing folks fill the space. Not to mention, their coffee is delectable.


Philly Fair Trade*

Philly Fair Trade Coffee

You might be most familiar with Philly Fair Trade from seeing them at your local market, as they’ve been a giant in the grocery space since 2002. You can try their fair trade coffees at cafes throughout Philadelphia. Philly Fair Trade coffee is ethically sourced and the company is passionately community-focused. What more could you ask for?


Rival Bros. Coffee

Rival Bros. Coffee

Rival Bros.’ shops feature a sensible and sophisticated aesthetic, allowing the coffee to be the main focus. The baristas are attentive and the coffee is incredible; we recommend that you either try their inventive nitro ice cream float or their signature drink, the Derringer (basically a cortado in a Gibraltar glass). If you’re looking for the best coffee in Philadelphia, you won’t be disappointed at Rival Bros. Coffee.


*BeanGenius Roaster Partners. Shop their coffees HERE

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Did we miss a coffee shop in the city of brotherly love? Let us know who in the comments below!




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  1. Congratulations to the remarkable team at One Village! Love their Villager Expresso soon featured in Souderton at the Broad Street Grind

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