20 Examples of Amazing Latte Art

Amazing Latte Art

Latte art is one of those beautiful art forms because everything about it is fleeting. The designs probably won’t last until the end of your cup and unless you’re quick with a camera, it can even start dissolving before your eyes. That’s why an amazing cup of latte art will never cease to impress us. Here are some of our favorite examples.

Rosetta Latte Art

A Rosetta is always pretty

rosetta latte art

Swan Latte Art

This beautifully poured Swan can swim in our cup every day

swan latte art

Swirl Latte Art

Your swirls can get fancy with chocolate sauce

swirl latte

Heart Latte Art

Or you can get fancy hearts in caramel

heart latte art

Tulip Latte Art

A tulip turned sideways becomes an adorable fish!

tulip fish

Fish Latte Art

Your latte can be used to teach you about the food chain

funny latte art

Cat Latte Art

This foam feline just wants to make you smile

cat latte art

Bunny Rabbit Latte Art

Foamy animals so cute, they make us squeal before we drink up

bunny rabbit latte art

Cat Latte Art

This adorable trio looks like they just heard that lattes are for drinking

cat latte art

Monkey Latte Art

Serious latte art can look like monkey business

monkey latte art

Bear Latte Art

This little guy is unbearably cute

bear latte art

Disney Latte Art

Some of our favorite characters can be seen swimming in our cup

disney latte art

Curious George Latte Art

Even a curious little monkey can be a work of art

curious george latte art

Character Latte Art

Snoopy, Woodstock, Lucy, and Charlie Brown all make delicious looking lattes

cartoon latte art

Dragon Latte Art

There’s no limit to what can be created in a cup, even a fire-breathing dragon!

dragon latte art

Face Latte Art

Your latte can even look like a mirror (assuming you look like this guy)

human face latte art

Feet Latte Art

The only time feet are allowed in your coffee is when they’re made of milk.

feet latte art

Mustache Latte Art

You can get a bit of mustache foam in your mustache.

mustache coffee

Hat Latte Art

Your latte can inspire you to go garden

hat latte

Galaxy Latte Art

There’s a whole universe of possibilities!

galaxy latte art


Have your own favorite photo of amazing latte art? Share it with us in the comments!



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