24 Essential Etsy Items For Coffee Addicts

Etsy Items For Coffee Addicts

We get it. You love all things coffee. You want to be surrounded that delicious dark brew at all times. If you already have a BeanGenius subscription, you’re off to a good start. To really prove you love coffee as much as you think you do, these 20 items are essential to make sure coffee is a part of every aspect of your life with Etsy items for coffee addicts .

Every piece of jewelry you own should say coffee in some way.


coffee necklace

1. Spell it out with the Java Junkie Bracelet from The Vagabond Studio ($18.00)

2. Get scientific with a Caffeine Molecule Necklace from Double B Jewelry ($13.50)

3. Impress everyone with a Coffee Imprinted Ring from Marie-Eve Bordeleau  ($119.34)

4. Be your charming self with the Moka Pot Charm Bracelet from Short and Bald Bangles (17.75)


Make sure getting clean and moisturizing also means covering yourself in coffee.

coffee scrub

5. Wash the smell of coffee into your skin with Coffee Soap from Lippencott Soap Co. ($6.50)

6. Keep your eyes awake with Coffee Infused Under Eye Cream from Cherry Tree Lane Soap Company ($12.50)

7. Make sure your skin is as smooth as your favorite brew with Java Scrub from Wilderness Soap Company ($8.19)

8. Make your hair stand on end with Java Jolt Shampoo from Booza Belle Organics ($14.00)

Pamper yourself with these coffee spa items so you can relax and wake up at the same time.

coffee cosmetics

9. Keep your lips soft enough to kiss your next cup of coffee with Coffee Lip Balm from Handmade from Samantha ($1.99)

10. Soak in a luxurious coffee scented bath with Coffee Bath Bombs from Buck Na.ked Soap Company ($4.40)

11. Make sure you smell as good as that first morning cup with Coffee Perfume Oil from I Smell Good ($10.00)

12. Wake up your skin with Coffee Lotion Bars from Lexi Bath Products ($5.00 for 2)

 Make sure everything in your house says coffee so visitors know what you’re about.

coffee housewares

13. Is it coffee time yet? It’s always coffee time with this Coffee Wall Clock from Monochrome Studio ($40.00)

14. Have sweet dreams of coffee with this Coffee Pillow Cover from The Gretest ($54.92)

15. Your home can always smell like a fresh pot of coffee with this Coffee Candle from Romantic Candle ($13.50)

16. Make sure your backsplash makes a splash with Coffee Cup Tile Decals from Direct Decals ($.78)

Even your coworkers should know how much you like coffee.

coffee stationary

17. Jot down important notes like “We need BeanGenius in our office!” in your Coffee Notebook from The Ivy Design ($25.00)

18. Keep your important coffee related files together with Coffee Cup Paper Clips from Cindy’s Perfect Paper ($2.00)

19. It’s okay if your to-do list always says “Drink more coffee.” It just should be written on your Coffee Memo Board from KaiHinaCoastal ($72.00)

20. Make sure only writing utensils go in this Coffee Cup from Crafty Coffee ($25.99)

Do all your clothes say coffee (without saying coffee stains)?

coffee bean clothing

21. No one will ask you if you should have that 8th cup when you’re in a Coffee Til You Shake Shirt from ATE APPAREL ($18.00)

22. Dress for the coffee you want in this Vintage Coffee Print Dress from Woodstock Official ($36.00)

23. Pair any coffee colored top (we know you have a few) with this Coffee Print Pencil Skirt from Colony Vintage ($16.80)

24. Espresso your love for the bean in this Coffee Print Shirt from Honey Moon Muse ($47.44)


There you have it! A coffee inspired list to make sure everything you do says coffee! Remember, all of these items pair beautifully with a coffee subscription from BeanGenius.



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