How to Brew the Best Coffee

If you already buy high quality beans, you’re already a step ahead of a lot of people out there. (If you need great coffee, sign up for BeanGenius here.) Make sure you’re brewing your amazing coffee to perfection. There are a bevy of different Brewing methods to use, Chemex, Pour over, French Press, Aeropress, to make your perfect cup of coffee. There are a few rules that you should follow, no matter the brewing method to make sure you’re getting the perfect cup every time.

water1. Use clean water. Do not use tap water. I repeat, do not use tap water. Clean water means a clean coffee taste. Make sure that you have a quality water filter and then make sure to change the filters when required. This will eliminate a lot of the impurities that can have an affect of the taste of your coffee.

coffeegrinder 2. Grind your beans fresh everyday. Freshly ground coffee not  only smells amazing, it is essential to a perfect cup of coffee. The  oils in coffee are extremely delicate and once coffee is ground, it  is susceptible to contamination of other odors. Ground coffee,  once exposed to oxygen, looses its aroma very quickly. In as little  as 15 minutes, coffee loses about 60% of its aroma, making for a  very flat cup of coffee.

woman-washing-dishes-in-sink3. Make sure your coffee maker is clean! This one is obvious, but minerals can build up in your coffee maker and change the taste of the coffee. If you’re looking for the purest (and best) taste of your coffee, clean your coffee maker! The easiest way to breakdown mineral buildup is use equal parts white vinegar and hot water to let any carafes soak. If you have an automatic brewer, you’ll put the white vinegar solution in the water tank and turn it on like you’re brewing coffee. The vinegar breaks down any mineral build up and cleans all the inside piping as well.

Continue to get the best flavor from your BeanGenius coffee with these recipes from Klatch, one of our featured roasters.

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