Netflix for Coffee : The Best Way to Buy Coffee on The Internet

Netflix for Coffee

Finding a source of coffees that you trust was once difficult…until BeanGenius launched their Marketplace. The Marketplace houses only specialty coffees and allows you to filter coffees by roast, roaster, flavor notes, region, and more. If you find numerous coffees you want to try, there is a Netflix-type queue, making BeanGenius like Netflix for coffee. The queue allows coffees to be saved and queued for deliveries at a frequency of your choosing. Between the Queue and the refined filtering feature, the BeanGenius Marketplace is one of the easiest ways to buy coffee on the internet.

The Coffee Queue

The Queue is a “playlist” of your favorite coffees that you can have delivered at a frequency of your choosing; like Netflix for coffee! Not only can you filter through the Marketplace, but BeanGenius offers a Smart Subscription that guides coffee newbies and empowers coffee-drinking veterans to discovering great coffee. The Smart Subscription uses an algorithm to continually understand each customer’s taste preferences; this computer learning helping us send our customer more personalized coffee selections with every delivery.

Filter To Your Taste

The Marketplace’s filtering system can help guide those who are new to specialty coffee, and allows connoisseurs to finely curate the results. Filter by roast profile, flavor notes, regions, elevation, varietal, and more at the BeanGenius Marketplace.

Empowering Independent Coffee Roasters

BeanGenius provides a platform for roasters of all locales and longevities to host their own online store. Fulfillment is made simple and all payments are handled through the platform. By removing the headache and cost of running their own commerce operation, BeanGenius helps the roasters focus on crafting only the best coffees for you.


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