Cold Brew Coffee is Taking Over the Beverage World

Cold Brew Coffee Explained

Cold brew coffee has captured the hearts of coffee drinkers new and old; its unique taste is intriguing and enjoyable and its cold nature is ideal for the summer’s heat. This drink’s unprecedented exponential popularity has compelled us to investigate and clarify the true definition of “cold brew.”


Iced Coffee

Iced coffee

Is Iced Coffee Cold Brew? Nope. In fact, on coffee’s family tree, they are distant cousins at best. Iced coffee is merely hot coffee that has been traditionally brewed, chilled, and poured over ice. You can tell iced coffee from cold brew by the bitter taste that is associated with hot coffee.


Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee

Now this is cold brew. The anchor of the ready to drink coffee beverage industry and the most popular drink at your local coffee shop.  It’s smooth, sweet, and has a lower acid than its iced coffee cousin. To make cold brew, combine coarsely ground coffee with room temperature water and let sit for 12-24 hours. Simply strain the brew, chill it, and serve over ice!


Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro Cold Brew

If iced coffee is the distant cousin to cold brew, then nitro cold brew is the cool older sibling. Nitrogen-infused cold brew takes the foundation of standard cold brew, but is then infused with nitrogen gas through a pressurized valve to make it creamy and stout-like in texture. The thin layer of foam tops off the drink, whether it be served from keg or can.


Draft Latte

Draft iced latte

The draft latte is the newest development to appear in the specialty coffee market. While draft lattes are in their infancy, they have successfully filled the niche of milk-based cold coffee drink without need for ice.


Ready to Drink Cold Brew

Cold brew

The RTD cold brew market has exploded with major players like Stumptown Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee, Lucky Jack Cold Brew. Many others are also dominating the grocery shelves and introducing coffee to a whole new group of potential coffee drinkers. Cans to cartons, the takeaway cold brew options continue to grow and vary as consumers are clamoring for the smooth cold brew to go.



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