The Perfect Coffee Gifts Holiday List

Coffee gifts

Coffee gifts

When it comes to your coffee, never settle. This holiday season is rare because it is geared towards the coffee lover inside you. Just look at the hundreds of options out there, options you think only a retail store carries.

This gift guide is made with three questions in mind. Can you purchase this gift with ease online? Does it enhance the experience of brewing your coffee from home? And, is this something that will last?

Keep Cup

From KeepCup, we have their glass coffee mug. Their online store is intuitive and well designed, it stands out from your run-of-the-mill ceramic mugs, and the material is thick enough to last. This takes coffee in the morning to a whole new (good looking) level. Cork is limited ($30).

The Arist is a Kickstarter-funded smart brewer. “Now, with a tap of a button, you can brew coffee like the best barista does,” so it attempts to enhance the homebrew experience. Bets are, this kind of technology will only become more available. Jump on now; the Arist is taking preorders ($699).

Monarch Method Kettle

Monarch Method’s “Kettle” is number three. While it couldn’t have a more ambiguous name, it looks unlike anything we’ve seen before. The video indicates that the Kettle hails from a Scandinavian influence, where form follows function. This kettle is purely original, and if you follow #coffee on Instagram, odds are you’ve seen this thing ($138.91).

The Hario MXR-2TB is a clear personal grinder with its own video. Perfect for using at home, this device is not found in any retail store (at least, none that we know). From a design perspective, you’ll always have room for the grinder, and never need another.


Hario Filter

Filters are not all created equal. Getting specialty coffee monthly means that every piece of hardware should be considered; and we’re positive that hardware is as varied as your unique taste preferences. That, and the debate between paper and cloth doesn’t seem to end. Try the Canadiano, which comes in different types of tree: Maple, Birch, and Cherry being our favorites. The built in filter is easy to clean and the body, easy to store for later use. It’s also recommended you watch this short promo for the Canadiano.

Yeah, Stumptown, we know scales are not just for geeks. The Pearl Acaia is new and minimal, but it’s what we use every morning in our offices. Size, accuracy, display brightness, and durability all add up to make a great scale for your morning ritual ($129).

Stumptown coffee pack

Instead of their slogan, “brew where you are”, doesn’t it make sense to instead say “brew where you want to be”? Okay, it’s easy to hate on chains like Blue Bottle, but their specialty coffee travel kit is the best looking around. Find it here for $179.

Able heat lids go into your Chemex, they trap the heat, then you serve the best cup of coffee out of your new heat resistant decanter. Easy to clean and fits a little too perfectly into your life. Buy yours directly from Able for $10.

Yama Cold Brew

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, take educational classes from Klatch. You get to pick from classes in latte art, barista training, or receive roaster training for one day or three. A unique experience you can give as a gift. Prices range from $245-1,295.

The December-January issue of Barista Magazine is available for free online here. Check out their gift guide and compare your options! Subscriptions start at $30 for 6 issues/year.




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