Portola Coffee Lab

Costa Mesa, CA

At Portola Coffee Lab, our world revolves around the “journey.” And if you ask any of our team or others we work alongside, that journey will be different – yet the same. That is because we, and all those involved in our mission, are driven by the pursuit of perfection. Along the way we forge relationships as we work to bring our coffees from the farm to your cup. So, even though each route is unique, they all lead to the same – an expertly crafted cup with a taste representative of all the hard work involved in its creation.

Born from passion, Portola Coffee Lab is the brainchild of owner and roastmaster Jeff Duggan and his wife Christa. A propeller-head rooted in science and technology, Jeff’s approach to roasting and brewing is focused on quality – uncompromising quality. But the story begins long before the beans find their way into our roaster. The coffee bean is our raw ingredient and an exceptional cup of coffee demands exceptional beans. So, Jeff journeys to the far stretches of Africa, South America and Central America every year in search of this mysterious and elusive marvel of nature. Our unyielding quest leads us to the most dedicated farmers on earth. We don’t just buy coffee direct from these farms and cooperatives – we build relationships that transcend far beyond the cup of coffee at the end of this journey.

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