Oakland Coffee Works

Oakland, CA

Oakland Coffee Works was born out of the pursuit of making a damn good cup of coffee. But it’s not just about making great coffee, it’s about doing business differently. It’s about uniting our passion for coffee, the environment, and community to make a difference in world. Deciding to follow our passion has lead to ten exciting years’ of experimentation with roasting, innovations in packaging, expert consultations, and rigorous testing as we search for the highest quality cup of sustainably grown organic coffee.

Operating with respect for the environment is built into the fabric not just of our company but into us as individuals. We want to ensure the circle of production is in its healthiest state, because we think there’s always something that can be done to improve the world we share. That’s why we strive to truly innovate and improve our products and practices as Oakland Coffee grows.

The practical side of this has been addressed through Fueled by Love, our community support program which through partnerships and funding provides resources for community building and infrastructure in the regions where our coffee is grown.

Our commitment to sustainability also has lead to our role in developing coffee packaging products that are the first of their kind: a 12 ounce bag that is completely compostable– valve and all, as well as the world’s first 100% compostable single-serve cups. It is our pleasure to introduce to you Oakland Coffee, which has been developed with care and intention at every stage: from the communities that support our farmers, the soil that nurtures our plants, and the nutrient-rich compost that comes from our compostable products, the love is in the details.

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