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Peru Norberta M. Rosado

Bosc Pear, Vanilla, Golden Raisin Medium Roast $17.50/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Peru

Region - Huanuco

Farm - Norberta Marcelino Rosando

Elevation - 1800m - 2000m

Process - Washed

About Peaks Coffee Co Peru Norberta M. Rosado

Our most adventurous single origin in a while comes to us from Peru. Peruvian coffees are a special time of year for us. Rich, vibrant, deep, and complex. We found this one courtesy of Red Fox Coffee roasters. Juicy bosc pear, sweet vanilla bean, complex raisin, and orange aromatics make for a super fun cup.

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We believe that "life is about enjoying the peaks and enduring the valleys". And while each day brings new challenges, we believe that a friend and a cup of coffee can get you through any situation. So with gracious hospitality and quality coffee, we'll offer you just that. We are Peaks. Built in the valley. -Peaks Coffee Co.

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