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Colombia Finca El Ocaso

Cinnamon, Apple, Orange Light Roast $15.00/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Colombia

Region - Quindio

Farm - Finca El Ocaso

Elevation - 1700 m -1900 m

Process - Washed

About Peaks Coffee Co Colombia Finca El Ocaso

This is our third harvest working with Gustavo Patino and his farm, Finca El Ocaso. This October we went down to see his farm, tour his production facility, and enjoy his hospitality. We were able to ascertain fair payment for pickers, assess quality and health of the land, and give feedback on production. Gustavo is one of the pioneers of coffee in Salento, Colombia. Setting his sights on coffee he established a farm in the early 1980's at 1800 meters up, 400 meters over what was believed to be optimal growing altitude for coffee. Finca El Ocaso now has been a finalist in the cup of excellence competition and continues to produce world class coffee. Finca El Ocaso is inhabited by micro-fauna and flora and visited by more than 60 different species of birds, sharing its place with nature and contributing to the quality of the cup. This years cup shines with bright orange, sweet baked apple, and spicy aged cinnamon. We get the best cup brewing as espresso or a filter style brew.

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Peaks Coffee Company is a Micro-Roaster based in Cazenovia, New York that is dedicated to serving people at any point in their lives. We all have our ups and downs: we all summit mountains and hike through valleys every single day. This life is full of peaks and valleys. But it is our belief that a friend and a great cup of coffee can get you through any situation.

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