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Brazil Carmo de Minas

Nutty, Floral, Cocoa Medium Roast $16.00/ 12.00  oz. bag


Origin - Brazil

Region - Carmo de Minas

Farm - Unknown

Elevation - Various

Process - Honey

About Intent Coffee Roasters Brazil Carmo de Minas

This is a pulped-natural processed coffee, meaning that the cherry skin is removed, but the fruit, or mucilage, is left on the bean to dry for just under two weeks. This gives the bean a full body and low acidity. This is a nutty and floral with a bit of cocoa and a Red Grape juiciness. This is a great coffee for espresso drinkers, as well as cold brew!

Portland, OR

Intent Coffee Roasting started from a passion for the developing world and a love for coffee. Thanks to many conversations and the support of Forward Edge International as well as many friends and family, a dream has become a reality.

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