Contrast Coffee

Colombia Huila Sugarcane Decaf

Chocolate, Almond, Lemon Medium Roast $13.99/ 10.60  oz. bag

Origin - Colombia

Region - Huila

Farm - Mixed

Elevation - Various

Process - Natural

About Contrast Coffee Colombia Huila Sugarcane Decaf

This coffee has been sourced through the Café Imports Origin Select Decaf program. This program is dedicated to bringing the highest quality, naturally processed decaf coffees to the market by first sourcing high quality coffees prior to decafination, then sending small lots of high quality coffee to be decaffeinated by naturally occurring E.A. sugar-cane alcohol locally in Colombia. The fact that this lot is sourced first and then sent to get decaffed is a big differentiator in the world of decaf coffee; most dacaf coffees are purchased “spot” without knowing the input product. We hope you enjoy this industry-leading decaf! Country Info For many years, Colombia was the number-one world producer of washed coffees, and the second-largest producer to Brazil. In 2000, Colombia was surpassed by Vietnam, and then the rust infestation (crop disease) of 2008 set them back significantly. Today they are currently in the top five of coffee production with roughly 10 million bags per year. Colombians farmers and citizens alike drink a lot of coffee every day; nearly 20% of their annual production.

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Iron River, MI

A coffee lovingly grown by farmers that have proudly cared for their crops for generations. A coffee freshly roasted to perfection to bring out the best qualities of each bean. A coffee so masterfully brewed it causes you to stop, close your eyes and savor the moment. That my friend, is a coffee so stark and incredibly different. THAT, is Contrast Coffee.

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