Compelling Coffee

El Salvador San Jose Lactic

Red Plum, Cherry, Caramel Dark Roast $18.75/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - El Salvador

Region - Jayaque

Farm - Finca San Jose

Elevation - 1200-2400

Process - Washed

About Compelling Coffee El Salvador San Jose Lactic

A rare experimental lot purchase. Finca San Jose experimented on their high-grown coffee by adding curated wine yeast strains to the fermentation tank during processing; the result is a fruit-forward cup with a densely sweet caramel backbone. We love this coffee as a single cup brew, or a longer, specialty style espresso. Processed using red wine yeasts during the fermentation processed. Expect juicy, fruit-forward flavors with a caramel-sweet foundation.

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Los Angeles, CA

Coffee is a seasonal fruit; we only offer coffees within a certain window of freshness (9 – 13 months past harvest). Our high standards and an unending focus on increasing sweetness, solubility, and pleasant flavors through the roasting process that have lead to great reputation in the specialty coffee industry and beyond.

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