Compelling Coffee

Colombia Palestina Sugar Cane Decaf

Strawberry, Plum, Cinnamon Dark Roast $21.50/ 15.00  oz. bag

Origin - Colombia

Region - Huila

Farm - Planadas Village

Elevation - 1200-2400

Process - Natural

About Compelling Coffee Colombia Palestina Sugar Cane Decaf

We love this coffee – vibrant, flavorful, bodied, and crisply sweet. Even better, it’s decaf, so there’s no need to stop drinking. State of the art processing using natural sugar cane extract at origin means this coffee is gently decaffeinated soon after harvest and retains almost all of its natural flavor and complexity.

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Los Angeles, CA

Coffee is a seasonal fruit; we only offer coffees within a certain window of freshness (9 – 13 months past harvest). Our high standards and an unending focus on increasing sweetness, solubility, and pleasant flavors through the roasting process that have lead to great reputation in the specialty coffee industry and beyond.

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