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Ethiopian Limu – Nigusse Lemma – Natural

All the berries, Lime, Savory Light - Medium Roast $14.50/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Ethiopia

Region - Meto Gundb

Farm - Lemma Limo

Elevation - 1850-2000m

Process - Natural

About Brandywine Coffee Roasters Ethiopian Limu – Nigusse Lemma – Natural

The Ethiopian Nigusse Lemma Limu comes from a family-owned farm in Meto Gundb, in the Limu region of south-western Ethiopia. The farm owner, Lemma Edeto, began working with coffee nearly 60 years ago and has passed down his knowledge to his two sons Haile and Nigusse. Both sons maintain the farm, which their father recovered after it was con scated in the 1970’s by the Derg Regime. The farm sits at about 2,000 meters above sea level with natural spring streams and native indigenous varietals. The Lemma family also processes their coffee, giving them full control of the end product up to the nal export stage. In February 2014 Nigusse and his family were recognized for winning the African Taste of Harvest competition, awarded by the African Fine Coffee Assocation.

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Wilmington, DE

At Brandywine Coffee Roasters we drink a lot of coffee. I mean a lot. We love to drink it, and we love to experience and experiment. We get to know each coffee’s personality, find out what makes each one tick, and focus on how to create a roast profile for each that brings out its best traits. Starting with small sample roasts and cuppings, we’re introduced to each coffee and begin to fine tune the best way to highlight and celebrate what makes them uniquely delicious. We believe that through dedication to carefully sourcing the world’s best coffee and hand roasting each batch we elevate the process to an art form. Our goal is to cup hundreds of coffees, drink as much as possible, get to know them, and tweak and re-tweak until we present our customer with the best of the best.

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