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Kenya Yara Gatatha Estate

Cranberry, Lime, Vanilla Medium Roast $18.00/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Kenya

Region - Kiambu

Farm - Yara Estate

Elevation - 1732

Process - Washed

About Argyle Coffee Roasters Kenya Yara Gatatha Estate

The Yara Estate is located in Kiambu District about 23 km north of Nairobi bordering Cianda and Windrush estates to the east, the latter being a sister enterprise. Yara Estate is a well-developed agricultural farm, part of an extensive belt of large-scale coffee and tea estates of the Kiambu District.. The estate is owned by Gatatha Farmers Limited together with Windrush Estate, its sister company. Gatatha farmers use a system of five dams for sprinkler irrigation of coffee and maintain a cover of shade trees above the coffee. Yara Estate is located at the boundary of a tea zone. and the land extends to a total area of an approximately 640 acres. The coffee plantation occupies the farm’s higher elevations, leaving the lower areas for tea growing or natural grazing along the river banks.

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March 15, 2017

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June 09, 2017

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January 19, 2017

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It is the goal of Argyle Coffee Roasters to showcase what it means to drink better coffee. We do so by roasting specialty grade single origin coffee from around the world. We start with raw, green coffee and utilize a fair mix of science and art to create the final roasted bean.

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