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Costa Rica Finca Las Torres

Brownie Batter, Custard, Dried Papaya Medium Roast $18.00/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Costa Rica

Region - Rivas, Chirripo

Farm - Finca Las Torres

Elevation - 1350-1825

Process - Honey

About Abracadabra Coffee Co Costa Rica Finca Las Torres

This is an SHB EP Grade Black Honey processed microlot from Finca Las Torres, which is located in the Rivas district of the Chirripo region of Costa Rica. This lot was harvested by the Urena family who have been harvesting since 2005. Growing altitude for this lot ranges from 1350 masl - 1825 masl and varieties harvested include Red and Yellow Catuai, Caturra, and some Villasarchi. Coffees are dried on patio and raised beds. Black honey processing is generally the most labor intensive of the various honey processes as it is the most sheltered from light during drying, retains more mucilage, and takes longer to dry (around 2 weeks).

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Woodstock, VT

Yep, these are beans roasted by some weirdos in Vermont who give a damn every damn day. We support the farmers that grow the best coffee in the world, roast that coffee with insane attention to detail, and package it in biodegradable and recyclable material. So drink that liquid magic and continue on your day, givin' a damn about the whole damn world. Clint & Antoinette

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