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Mexico La Lagunilla

Dark Chocolate, Nutty, Mellow Medium Roast $13.95/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Mexico

Region - Oaxaca

Farm - La Lagunilla Coop

Elevation - 1000m-1500m

Process - Washed

About Voyage Coffee Roasters Mexico La Lagunilla

This Mexican offering features a sweet almond scent, followed by sweet dark chocolate, tart wine-like flavors and a mellow aftertaste. Medium body. This coffee is Strictly High Grown, meaning it’s cultivated above 1200m. High altitude coffee beans are hard and dense, generally producing a better cup of coffee. It is also hand sorted after its initial grading, a process known as Euro Prep.

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Fresh. Simple. Delicious. Coffee. Family-run micro-roaster in Eugene, OR. We’re committed to providing our customers with the same flavor and quality we enjoy in our own coffee.

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