Scotty D Coffee

Golden Lion Blend

Smoky, Chocolate, Floral Aroma Medium - Dark Roast $13.99/ 8.00  oz. bag

Origin - Various

Region - Various

Farm - Various

Elevation - Various

Process - Washed

About Scotty D Coffee Golden Lion Blend

Scotty D's "Golden Lion" blend is our signature blend, comprised of a minimum 20% Jamaica Blue Mountain® coffee and Guatemalan Pacaya Mountain Coffee. This blend has low acidity and a smoky chocolate aroma. The bright cup character, floral hints, and clean fruited notes makes this a signature blend.

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La Palma , CA

Damian Scott had a dream to bring Jamaican Coffee to the forefront of coffee drinkers worldwide. Damian Scott is carrying on the legacy of Jamaican Coffee that his grandfather Walter Scott started many decades ago. Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee officially opened for business in 2014. Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee specializes in 100% Blue Mountain Coffee and various Blue Mountain blends.

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