Scotty D Coffee

Espresso Lion Blend

Robust, Chocolate, Smooth Light - Medium Roast $14.99/ 8.00  oz. bag

Origin - Mixed

Region - Mixed

Farm - Mixed

Elevation - Various

Process - Washed

About Scotty D Coffee Espresso Lion Blend

* 8oz bag * Our signature espresso blend with a dark french roast. This blend consists of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee combined with gourmet varietals from South and Central America. The "Espresso Lion" Blend combines robust flavors immersed with chocolaty and buttery undertones. The balanced, rich, smooth taste of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is magnified by the french roast. The quality of Scotty D’s is captured in the perfect bold cup of coffee.

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La Palma , CA

Damian Scott had a dream to bring Jamaican Coffee to the forefront of coffee drinkers worldwide. Damian Scott is carrying on the legacy of Jamaican Coffee that his grandfather Walter Scott started many decades ago. Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee officially opened for business in 2014. Scotty D's Jamaican Coffee specializes in 100% Blue Mountain Coffee and various Blue Mountain blends.

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