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Peru Cajamarca Decaf SWP

Cinnamon, Toasted Walnut, Smoky Medium - Dark Roast $16.00/ 16.00  oz. bag

Origin - Peru

Region - Cajamarcca

Farm - Finca Churupampa

Elevation - Various

Process - Washed

About Philly Fair Trade Peru Cajamarca Decaf SWP

* 1lb bag * Our Decaffeinated Peruvian coffee is grown by the Finca Churupampa farms in the Chirinos, San Ignacio region of Cajamarca in Northern Peru using the Swiss Mountain Water Process. The Tocto family began this operation in 2011 and now spreads across 30 families in the region using their sustainable, productive and integral farm business model. You can watch a beautiful short video about them at In 2009, Chirinos began a remarkable organic compost facility which uses the waste of pulped coffee cherries. Peru produces very impressive coffee year after year—as evidenced by the establishment of the first Peruvian Cup of Excellence competition in 2017. The care taken by the growers in the coop creates a quality product which we work to bring out its best qualities. Their coffee is one of our best sellers. This Vienna Roast Decaffeinated coffee has a little smoke flavor and subtle hints of cinnamon and toasted walnut.

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