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Guatamala San Marcos

Silky Bruleed Sugar, Dessert Coffee, Chocolate Medium - Dark Roast $16.00/ 16.00  oz. bag

Origin - Guatemala

Region - San Marcos

Farm - Manos Campesinas Coop

Elevation - Various

Process - Washed

About Philly Fair Trade Guatamala San Marcos

* 1lb bag * Our Guatemalan coffee is grown in the San Marcos region by Manos Campesinas Cooperative. San Marcos is the warmest of coffee growing regions in Guatemala. They average 200 inches of rain each year with 70-80% humidity and experience the first rains each season, so their coffee trees flower earlier. Coffee from San Marcos is particularly unique. This small country, about the size of Ohio, is home to many volcanoes so ashy soil adds to the terrior of this aromatic coffee. It is known as Volcanic San Marcos, as its taste is influenced by the Tajumulco volcano. Ripe coffee cherries are picked by producers and then delivered for de-pulping and processing on the same day. Coffee profiles vary considerably between Manos Campesinas’ cooperatives due to the different climatic conditions of each region. 80% of their coffee production is based in San Marcos, and the rest is dispersed across the other 3 departments of the coop. Manos Campesinas owns its own processing plant and drying patios, which it uses to dry and sort its coffee for export.

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