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Colombia El Quebradon AAA

Butterscotch, Lime, Elderflower Light - Medium Roast $16.50/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Colombia

Region - Palenstina

Farm - Hacienda El Quebradon

Elevation - 1650m - 1850m

Process - Washed

About Klatch Coffee Colombia El Quebradon AAA

In 1860, Lorenzo Cuellar, a rich landowner, founded the "Hacienda El Quebradón". The Hacienda covered all the area of the municipality of Palestina. It was inherited by his sixteen siblings who sold most of the land to settlers arriving in the region in search of land and fortune. The region transformed from a rubber-trading hub into a coffee-growing community. Today, twenty coffee growers from the municipality of Palestina are focusing on producing high-quality coffee under the name of Quebradón, honoring the Hacienda. A higher quality of selected coffee beans, with better care of the coffee trees, and meticulous picking of only red cherries. "Quebradón has butterscotch-like flavor with a medium body and high acidity, resulting in a very special cup."

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