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Brazil Santa Rosa

Chocolate, Marshmallow, Cherry Medium Roast $14.95/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Brazil

Region - Chapadas De Minas

Farm - Fazenda Santa Rosa

Elevation - 750m

Process - Natural

About Klatch Coffee Brazil Santa Rosa

Mike Perry cupped over 100 coffees on his last trip to Brazil, this was the only one chosen for a micro-lot. Topazio is a cross between Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai. Developed in Brazil in the 60s, and is becoming more recognized recently. Fazenda Santa Rosa is located in the city of Berizal in the Jequitinhonha Valley in the Chapada de Minas region where coffee cultivation began in the 1870’s. The region is full of waterfalls, caves, cattle ranches, coffee and eucalyptus plantations. In the past, gold and diamonds from nearby mines flowed through the valley. Antonio Jose Felix Rosa began the Felix Santa Rosa project in 2002 when he and his wife and two children bought the land where the property is today. The exact location of the farm was chosen based on factors including the number of solar hours, elevation, and low incidence of diseases, which reduces the use of pesticides.

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