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Colombia Aldamar Patino

Floral, Fruity, Sweet Medium Roast $13.00/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Colombia

Region - Aldamar Patino

Farm -

Elevation - 1680 m

Process - Washed

About Intent Coffee Roasters Colombia Aldamar Patino

This coffee comes from Aldemar Patino, and we were lucky enough to secure the whole harvest. grown at 1680 MASL, this is a handpick coffee, wet processed and sun dried. We are excited to offer you this beautiful coffee.

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Jason Langfield
January 10, 2017

Bourbon is probably one of my favorite coffees through this process.

Philip Welford
November 24, 2016

Justin Mann
December 04, 2016

Best Columbian I've ever tried!

Shaun Arora
January 06, 2017

Mike Furoyama
January 19, 2017

Brandon Fletcher
February 03, 2017

This coffee is too floral and sweet.

Alonzo Bronson
February 15, 2017


Aaron Probus
February 28, 2017

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Portland, OR

Intent Coffee Roasting started from a passion for the developing world and a love for coffee. Thanks to many conversations and the support of Forward Edge International as well as many friends and family, a dream has become a reality.

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