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Decaf Colombia Juan Cafe Association MWP

Graham Cracker, Blood Orange, Cocoa Light - Medium Roast $16.00/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Colombia

Region - San Juan, Alvarado, Tolima

Farm - Juan Cafe Association

Elevation - Various

Process - Washed

About Bootstrap Coffee Roasters Decaf Colombia Juan Cafe Association MWP

This is our first time working with a coffee from the Juan Cafe Association. It is a small group of 35 smallholders in the Tolima department of Colombia. Coffees are picked ripe, depulped on traditional machines, soaked for 18 hours, washed and then dried for 10-12 days. This is a Mountain Water Process decaf and is super clean! What really struck us about this cup was how much great origin characteristic shines through the decaffeination process! In the cup, look for graham, caramel, blood orange, grapefruit and cocoa. It is sweet and clean with a crisp acidity and a delicate body. It's great! This coffee is Certified Organic.

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