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Ethiopia Sidamo Werka

Jasmine, Tea, Niagara Grape Light - Medium Roast $16.00/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Ethiopia

Region - Sidamo

Farm - Gora Kone Washing Station

Elevation - 1900-2050

Process - Washed

About Bidaar Roasting Ethiopia Sidamo Werka

An Ethiopian fruit explosion from one of the most diverse coffee-producing regions in the world! The Sidamo region of Ethiopia is one of the richest coffee-growing regions to exist, and when considering what exactly comprises Sidamo, it's easy to see why. With rich, fertile soils that can yield incredible varieties of plants to shade the delicate coffee trees, an incredibly high altitude around 2 kilometers above sea level, and wonderful, temperate temperatures, the town of Werka provides the perfect staging area for almost 800 coffee producers to easily grow some of the tastiest coffee found in Ethiopia. And within the town of Werka exists the Gora Kone washing station, which provides the necessary infrastructure to help the contributing farmers with an opportunity to bring their incredible coffees to market. With the high level of support and sorting, the resulting coffee is incredibly well-graded, and has an unreal complexity throughout the cup. It's no surprise that coffees from Ethiopia are great, but sometimes, even the biggest Ethiopian fans can be wowed - and this is a coffee that just might be up to the task!

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Irvine, CA

At Bidaar, we think that, as important as it is to find and roast great coffee, it's just as important to know the stories they tell. Because good coffees are as diverse as the people who drink them!

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