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Doi Pangkhon Washed

Clementine, Jasmine, Vanilla Light - Medium Roast $16.00/ 12.00  oz. bag

Origin - Thailand

Region - Chiang Rai

Farm - Meecheku Family

Elevation - 1250-1500

Process - Washed

About Bidaar Roasting Doi Pangkhon Washed

An incredible balance of fruits and florals from the future of Asian coffee! Thailand represents in incredibly interesting look at a region that has the potential to create world-class coffee. North of Chiang Rai, in the mountains just south of the border of Myanmar, the hills are lush and the weather provides incredible conditions that creates green forests and cascading landscapes. In these landscapes lies tiny villages like Doi Pangkhon, in which members of the Akha hill tribe have existed for generations. The Akha people are incredibly dedicated towards creating a sustainable agricultural industry, but due to challenges, the road into the specialty coffee realm has been difficult to say the least. With a lack of infrastructure and a structured approach towards, the Akha peoples have only recently been able to make strides in the advancement of their coffee. Much of that is due to the help of some of our amazing friends, like Fuadi Pitsuwan. Fuadi has been able to provide the opportunity for a lot of these small villages to get their coffee milled, and with his help, their coffee has not only made its way out of Thailand, but also establish itself as the future of Asian coffee. All of this is a result of the immense amount of effort in experimenting. Fuadi has aided in the creation of hybrid varietals (like the Chiang Mai 80 featured in this coffee), and provided guidance in advancing processing methods - which is why this incredible washed process punches so far above its weight. With his mill, Fuadi has been able to help so many farmers process their coffee, and we couldn't be happier that our friends are doing absolutely incredible things in a region that we feel will shine on the world stage soon enough. So to all of our friends who have been a part of the Thai coffee industry (shout out to Fuadi, Paul, Lee, Miguel, and everybody else), this one's for you!

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Irvine, CA

At Bidaar, we think that, as important as it is to find and roast great coffee, it's just as important to know the stories they tell. Because good coffees are as diverse as the people who drink them!

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